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Flight case is mainstream of the future development trend

time:Wednesday on Nov 13, 2013 editor:admin

Mention the container of long distance air transportation I think people would first think of aviation carton box. flight case is mainly used as original instrument, stage equipment, electronic communications industry such as packing of the item, but with the constant improvement of the flight case function and improve, more and more used long distance air transportation industry.
Why flight case will be the favour of long-distance transportation industry, popular with more and more people? I think that with its structure, performance and characteristics are inseparable.

flight case
Flight case clapboard and the inside will use EVA composite solid back material, the material has shockproof, moisture-proof, flameproof, oxidation resistance, good sealing performance, light weight, and many other advantages;
Second, aviation carton box every Angle with edge and the splint fix, high strength aluminum alloy of metal ball Angle, at the bottom of the box body used to bear ability and strong ability of wear-resisting of PU wheel combination.
Therefore, using the above material made rack case body has many excellent characteristics, very suitable for long distance air transportation industry packing and so on.

rack case


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