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What is speaker case

time:Monday on Nov 11, 2013 editor:admin

Speaker case is applied to the audio, Musical Instruments and other equipment of the aluminum alloy case, the application of aluminum extrusion profiles, combined with the relevant parts of a case body (such as Smile Tech Co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum flight case, high-end audio flight case). Unlike other profile case, the characteristics of the aluminum case and aluminum alloy material, light weight, easy to machining, bearing ability is strong, beautiful and easy, in the design of the structure is more reasonable. 

speaker case
Because of aluminum road case distinctive, technology content is higher and higher, for the product on the transport and easy to use have played better protection, aluminum alloy has a light, low cost, the characteristics of the mechanical properties (strength). And the aluminum alloy easy processing and high heat resistance, especially the vehicle engine is especially suitable for use of aluminum alloy materials. As for use in most of computer case is made of aluminum, copper alloy, mainly considering the cooling problem. For copper and aluminum extrusion produced after the heat dissipation performance is quite good. Even some high-end CPU cooling fan is the use of this material. This profile is the ideal body is all kinds of high-grade product.


speaker case


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