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10U Sliding Door Rack case

10U Sliding Door Rack case 10U Sliding Door Rack case 10U Sliding Door Rack case 10U Sliding Door Rack case 10U Sliding Door Rack case 10U Sliding Door Rack case 10U Sliding Door Rack case 10U Sliding Door Rack case

10U Sliding Door Rack case

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Packing dimension: 67.9*63.2*82.3cm

GrossWeight : 38KG

Packing: Cartons/ Bubble Bags/ Protective Film

Color : Black & Customized

Material : Plywood woth black vinly

Warrantly : Accessories lift-time


*Stackable ball corners.

*Butterfly lock with padlock.

*Fireprrof plywood .

*Professional Handle stiffly recessed panel and fitted.

*Industrial grade wheels 



Normally Rack case have front and rear covers, using recessed latches to connect. It helps protect amlifier 
equipments during transportation or storage. But there is one problem distressed our clients. The cover always 
went missing, especially at the disordered event or concert activities. 

Now with our new sliding door you don't have to worry about the missing door again. This sliding door is easier 
to operate, and more convenient. 

14 effects racks

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CURRENT MODEL             DESCRIPTION                             GW               SHIPPING DIMENSION

RK2UED                                 2U EFFECT DELUXE CASE              8.5kg                58.0*54.5*16.0
RK3UED                                 3U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            11.0kg                55.5*54.5*21.1
RK4UED                                 4U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            11.6kg                55.5*54.5*25.5
RK5UED                                 5U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            13.0kg                55.5*54.5*30.0
RK6UED                                 6U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            14.5kg                56.0*54.5*36.0
RK8UED                                 8U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            17.2kg                55.5*54.5*43.5
RK10UED                             10U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            17.8kg                55.0*53.0*56.0
RK12UED                             12U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            21.7kg                55.5*54.5*61.0
RK14UED                             14U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            26.5kg                55.5*54.5*70.0
RK16UED                             16U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            33.5kg                55.5*54.5*79.0
RK18UED                             18U EFFECT DELUXE CASE            36.5kg                55.5*54.5*88.0



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